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[DISCUSSION] Mad Rocket: Fog of War as a Strategy Game

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  • [DISCUSSION] Mad Rocket: Fog of War as a Strategy Game

    We added some unique features to MRFOW to provide a fresh gaming experience to differentiate our game from other combat strategy games.

    As a lot of you know, many strategy games are often compared to a couple major games in the genre.
    Kind of like when Apple was first introduced, IBM was already reigning the world.

    One fact that we can’t deny is that we also are fans of those games.
    And you can think of MRFOW as an homage of those games with a couple features that offer a new gaming experience.
    And now, we want to ask you – when you compare our game to your favorite strategy games,
    do you think MRFOW is unique? Why or why not? Feel free to share your opinions and thoughts!

    We will keep this thread as long as MRFOW is providing services.
    Your comments will be huge inspirations for our future plans.


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    Hey! Just wanted to chime in - spotted MRFOW many months back after someone mentioned it on reddit. It seemed interesting enough that I kept an eye out for the launch date. Have been diving in since launch it's been a blast! There are definitely some parts of the game that feel inspired by those major games, but it combines them together to make a new experience along with a neat general aesthetic for the title. I'll save my judgements/thoughts on game balance and long term strategy until I've gotten further in, at level 18/HQ 7 it still feels very early days! But overall, definitely enjoying myself.


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      I would do it like how the Wargame series does it. Units outside your vision range cannot be seen, but there isn't a neat black fog that shows you where holes in your vision are. This game does require lots of strategies and considerations. ANd, of course, it's totally different from simple and tiny games from top1apk =)))


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        I like the concept of dark fog.. i had never played this type of concept before.. this game is in my mobile since it's official launch and believe me this is the only game which long lasted for more than 4 months in my mobile till now..recent clan war is making this game more interesting.. but still a lot to do.. resources are still big problem for big players my 2-3 workers are always free.. do something about it..


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          I like the game,
          but there are some problems:
          1. We don’t know how much gas we have in the gas refinery, that is problem, and sometimes I don’t play because of it.
          2. If the internet is disconnected for short period of time, I lose the game, even I finished it with 3 starts victory, not fair, and I lose so much battles.
          3. After the last changes to the units balance, and the opponents balance, it is very hard to collect eternium, and at hq 15, each upgrade costs so much eternity, so I sometimes need like 50 wins for 1 building upgrade. This is too much expansive.



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            Another thing
            You shorten the game, reduce the time of battles,
            Now, units with long cool own like mothership and dreadnought, are useful mainly for 1 time.
            When I launched them second time, it's almost the end of battle, and they haven't enough time deal most of their damage.
            Please decrease cool time of those units, and other long cooldown units.
            Giant missle health is so low, that it isn't use able.


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              thanks for sharing. I like this game. game than game strategy or survival in mobidescargar and countervailing