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improve ranking system and statics data...

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  • improve ranking system and statics data...

    after playing thousands of matches I don't know how many matches i have played, how many wins and lose.. i think if you guys add this statics data of our total matches played and total wins and lose then it will be great... further more i can say that individual ranking system could be improved by adding some extra features... what about if a player can reach to hero tier in 15 days after starting of a new season.. he/she will lose his/her excitement for the next 15-20 days till the new season not started because no cups no excitement.. wining and losing cups.. going up and down in ranking is the key point of this game and if at a certain point we stop getting cups then nothing left in the game and it will become boring to be on the game... so my suggestion is may be you don't want to add more tier but at-least you can make some changes in ranking system.. like ranking should be considered on some facts like total matches played, total win-lose, total cups gained etc... for more explanation i am adding attachment.. please have a look... if you don't get the image clear then please download it and look at my work.. waiting for suggestions which can improve this...