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New Feature and a couple of balance issues

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  • New Feature and a couple of balance issues

    First off I love this game. It is one of a few games I've played for over 2 weeks consistently.

    The balance issue has to do with the unit: Bomber. As far as I know everyone rocks this unit because of the HP, damage, low cooldown time. The only defense that can destroy this unit is the Patriot Missile and even that still takes a bomb hit as it's slower than the Bomber. So something needs to change here as every other unit or missile in the game has a downside. I think the best option would be to just increase the cooldown (I mean its shorter than the scout - I know no one uses that but why is it 25? The guided missile is closest in overall damage and cost and is at 30 but bomber is 18?), however another option can be to lower the HP so other defenses can take it out or slow.

    Another balance issue is the ranking when defending. Getting your base 1-starred is far worse than getting 3-starred. If the max a player can earn from an attack on X player is 9 - then a 1 star should net 3 rating, 2 stars 6 rating, 3stars max. As it is right now you lose like 7 rating for 1 star an your shield timer is shorter by 66% than if you were 3 starred. So you can lose 21 rating over the same time as a 9 rating 3 star loss and lose more resources in the process. I know you have updates in the works for the Winter update on this - just no real details on it so I wanted to make sure.

    A cool new feature that would be an item sink for players would be crafting "attachments" for your units. You can use a new building called a Forge or something and input X common materials for a random common unit attachment - X rare materials for random rare unit attachment and so on. These items can have varying stats like reduce cooldown by 1-10%, more damage by 10-20 etc. I also think defense buildings should be included in this somehow to balance out the offense getting stronger by these attachments. Perhaps another item other than kit, engines, and boosters, but something for the buildings. Anyways this would be a larger undertaking and would love to hear your take on it.

    Thanks for listening


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    Great points! I like the idea of the patriot middle getting a boost in rate of fire whilst giving the bomber an extended cool down.

    Id like to see matchmaking made more fair to those of a much lower level getting hammered by players who are multiple levels above you (ie: I’m level 2 bronze getting smashed by level 3 silver all the way up to level 2 gold)

    a balenced system to match you up with players of similar strength and level would be great!