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Ideas to improve the current Clan War

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  • Ideas to improve the current Clan War

    Here are some thoughts to improve Clan War
    1. Let us have 2 attacks each to try and get more stars
    2. We need a battle summery page to see who has attacked when and how many starts/ damage they got so far in the war
    3. Please number the players on the clan war page so it is easier to refer to who we are attacking
    4. A way to call/reserve who we are going to attack ahead of time
    5. Live view of attacks
    6. Let co leaders start war in case the leader is away for an extended period of time
    7. A push notification to alert players to take their attack in the last hours of war
    8. Clearer understanding of what it takes to win the war, the blog/forum says it’s based on destruction but in reality it seems to be based off of stars not destruction %

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    I agree with the list.
    I want to add some points:
    1. We need more detailed history of the clan wars, like what we won and what lost. How much prizes we get.
    2. More detailed about each opponent, so we can see his base level and without explore its base.
    3. It is not clear, how much prize we will get for 1 or 2 win , or if we lose.



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      another impossible improvement for clan war.
      sometimes I don’t need whole resources in clan vault, just part of it.
      like I have eternity, gold and cube, and I need just the gold.
      or even I don’t need whole amount of gold, e.g I have 1,000,000 gold,
      and 50,000 cube, but I want to collect only 200,00 gold, and no cube at all.
      let us choose what we can collect.