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    So far, love the are a few ideas as I play many games when I have the time.

    There are a few translation issues throughout game, not terrible but I am happy to comment on English issues if you want them.

    It would be great to have other awards from chests after battles. We shouldn’t have to buy the season pass for more timers.
    Waiting a day or longer to play because all the builders are busy hurts the game.

    Make wars more fun, let multiple amounts of clan members join. Some games do this in increments of 5.

    All in all I really like the game and would like to see more playing. If more people knew about the game I am sure they would play.
    Many are tired of Clash games and others that have gotten stale. Take a chance and do some promotions on the Apple store, you will get many more players who are willing to play and spend money.

    Thanks for making a fun game!
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