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  • New clan functions

    at the moment there is not much a clan can help each other. only chatting and clan war (only 15 guys). i would like to see some more things in clan section like trading resources (eternium, gold, energy cubes, gas, gems, parts). for example: i give 100k gold to get 50k eternium or 10k energy cubes.

    another type of clan war could be like:
    there is a computer enemy level 100 or something. every member of the clan can attack him once per day. for example member 1 destroys 10% of the base and player 2 can destroy another 10%. that enemy could give some rewards. every day he becomes stronger if he has been destroyed and with higher rewards and if the clan couldnt destry him, he becomes weaker...

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    Great ideas, I would love to see a Boss battle where we all attack for rewards also.