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  • New features should be added like..

    I noticed that there are some building which can not be updated... Which are time compositor, buiders... Since after a time building updating( HQ, armory) required more than 1-2 days so i think builders and time compositor building should also be updated after updation builders can do fast work, like - before updating builders can do a work in 6 hours now after updation they can do same work in 5 hours 30 min or anything like that and time compositor after updation will produce 1 hour pack more faster then before... You guys should work on this because time for updating some buildings are so irritating...

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    Currently, the Time Compressor and Builder's Office cannot be upgraded. The only way to shorten the construction time is to use Timers which can be earned from the Season Pass by competing missions. The free component of the Season Pass also offers Timers. Make sure that you complete all missions for those free Timers and also the ones that are generated from the Time Compressor!