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[UPDATE] Update Sneak Peek - Save Base Layouts!

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  • [UPDATE] Update Sneak Peek - Save Base Layouts!

    It’s the first update in the year 2019! As a part of the new patch, the Map Editor feature will be updated.
    Save a variety of base layouts to test and find the strongest one!

    With the current base layout system, if you encountered a commander you’ve already met in PvP, you would already be familiar with the layout of the base despite the fog covering it.

    One of our goal is to make changes and improvements to the game so that it challenges all players’ skill level.
    As a part of the new improvement, we’re introducing a feature to save more than 1 base layout.

    From the version 1.14.0, you’ll be able to save up to 6 different base layouts and select one to be the main base that your opponents attack.

    To enable our commanders to freely customize their bases without worrying about gold, we decided to remove the cost of removing and restoring tiles.

    The new feature will be added in the 2nd week of January.
    See you next year!

    ※An adjustment has been made to the numerical ordering for the Seasons.
    The next Season that starts on 12/31 will be Season 10 instead of 9 (Current Season: 8)