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[News] Update Sneak Peek Part 3: Revamped Weapon System!

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  • [News] Update Sneak Peek Part 3: Revamped Weapon System!

    Hello commanders!

    In this update preview part 3, we’ll introduce to you the new weapon upgrade system.
    Along with new weapons and skill items, a revamped weapon system will be applied with the goal to improve and add more depth to the game.

    Read more about the changes below!

    1. Various Parts that were identified by rarity will be changed to card system and each weapon will require their own cards to be collected to upgrade.
    (ex: to upgrade Riflemen, Riflemen cards will be required)

    2. Levels will be displayed in whole numbers and will no longer be in decimal form.

    3. The parts lab will no longer have the function to fuse (crafting) parts.

    The parts that you currently own will be exchanged with the corresponding weapon cards.

    ※ The July update is scheduled to be held on the 18th.

    This is the end of the update preview part 3! We’ll come back soon with the official patch notes for the upcoming update.

    Thank you!